Professional Custom WordPress Design

A Website will allow your business to stay open 24 hours a day, saving you time and money. With a website, you can begin to attract new customers World Wide and gain a larger client base, as well as deliver information to your current customers.

Design Fees Quoted are 1 (one) time only fees, paid half down to get into our schedule with the last half and any extras due at completion.

CMS Website Design
Along with easy editing abilities, CMS Website Design has almost unlimited color and style options ranging from side navigation to top navigation spaces allowing us the freedom to create the CMS website design that’s right for you. CMS Website Design Info, Convert to CMS Web Design Info


Why do we only design WordPress and not HTML Website Design?

Cost: HTML Website Design designers frequently had to build a couple different versions of the same website so it looked about the same in different Browsers. This created a lot of time lost in labor making them cost far more than a WordPress site. WordPress sites run on Style Sheets, these control how the site looks based on W3C Universal Standards so several different versions are not required.

Editing: To edit an HTML Website Design each and every page had to be changed by hand if you simply wanted to add a new page. Obviously this would take a great deal of time and labor again costing you far more than a WordPress site where adding a new page takes just Minutes.

SEO: The Search Engine Optimization of a HTML Website Design could be insanely time consuming, with each and every page having to be meta tag’d and optimized by hand. WordPress sites created by Sweetpea Works are SEO Optimized automatically as we create the site for you and then Stay optimized forever.

Longevity: In the past if you had an HTML Website Design you knew that ever few years you would have to hire a Website Designer to update for both Content and Current HTML Standards. This would basically cost you the price of a new website. With WordPress, sites are built on W3C Universal Standards meaning you won’t have to “bring the code up to date” every couple of years.

WordPress Websites cost far less to build, maintain and update or even rebuild later. The Content and Design are dealt with separately so rebuilding a good WordPress is just a matter of laying a new design over the top of the already installed Content. SEO and website longevity are greatly improved with the W3C Standards again saving you money in the long run.

WordPress is the most cost effective solution available today while being the most versatile in meeting your Website Design needs!